UX Team of One Workshop Scholarship

  • 13 Apr 2013
  • 01 May 2013
  • email pssigchi@gmail.com
We are happy to announce that Leah Buley and the PS SIGCHI are offering scholarships to 3 individuals for the UX Team of One workshop.
We are giving away 3 workshop admission spots, 1 for each category:
-Full time student/unemployed
-Person working in a for profit company
-Person working in a non-profit organization

All applications that meet the application requirements below will be placed in a raffle drawing for one of the 3 categories.  Winners will be announced and contacted on May 3rd 2013.
There will be runner ups who will be waitlisted in case the winners are unable to attend.
Apply only if you know you can attend and your company/school/organization is not able to provide funding for your attendance.
Applications are accepted from: 4/12/2013-5/1/2013
Submit in an email:
1. Your name, email and phone number.
2. Identify the category you belong to.
3. Identify the school, company or organization you belong to, if any.
4. A paragraph on why we should give this to scholarship to you and why you want to attend.
5. State your ability to attend the workshop on May 31st.
6. State your company or organization ability to provide funding for your attendance.

Send applications to pssigchi@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Scholarships have no monetary value and are non transferable.  In the unlikely event that the workshop is canceled, the scholarship will be withdrawn and will not be eligible for a future event by either PS SIGCHI nor Leah Buley.
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