Ask a UXer anything: the inside scoop on life as a User Experience practitioner

  • 16 May 2011
  • 5:00 PM
  • University of Washington Sieg Hall 224

Ask a UXer anything: the inside scoop on life as a User Experience practitioner

Monday, May 16th,5:00 p.m.
Location: UW Sieg Hall 224

Sponsored by UW HCDE Department - free and open to the public.

Description: So you’ve taken more usability and design classes than you can count. You can recite Fitts' Law by heart, you know your site maps from your wireframes, and perhaps you even keep your copy of “Don’t Make Me Think” under your pillow at night. But graduation is on the horizon, and suddenly you're wondering things like:

“Do I really have all the skills I need to get the UX job I want? What are hiring managers looking for nowadays?”

“What do I need to know to ace my first job interview?”

“If I interview at Microsoft, will I really have to answer those puzzle questions about manhole covers and jelly beans?”

By popular demand from HCDE students, this panel will offer you the chance to sit down and chat with a mix of new and seasoned UX design and applied research practitioners and leaders from the Windows & Windows Live UX team. Ask us anything – and not just about Microsoft (it's not the only place we've worked, either!).

Whatever you’ve wanted to know about transitioning into your future career as a UX practitioner – or what we’ve learned now that we’re here – we’re eager to share our thoughts and experiences with you.

So bring your best questions!

Lisa Cherian joined Microsoft in 2008 as Sr. User Experience Design Lead working on Windows, Windows Live and Internet Explorer. Lisa has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from the Ringling School of Art & Design and a master’s degree in User Interface Design from Ohio State University. After graduate school, Lisa moved to The Netherlands where she worked at Philips for 12 years on embedded software for product interfaces including TVs, fax machines (way back when!), videophones, microphone and conference management systems, and telephones. During that time she spent two years in the US starting a design team at Philips Research in Briarcliff, NY specializing in software and services design. After Philips, Lisa spent four years teaching design at the Technical University of Eindhoven (also in The Netherlands) in the Industrial Design Department, before moving back to the US and joining Microsoft. Lisa is passionate about design process and ways to communicate and facilitate holistic design thinking.

Ginger Gloystein is a UX Designer at Microsoft. After graduating with a degree in computer science from Brown University, she joined Microsoft to work on the technical side of software as a Program Manager, coordinating the definition, design, and implementation of features in the Windows help system. Ginger has always had artistic hobbies, from studying contemporary architecture to performing musical theatre to reorganizing her bookshelves in rainbow order. After a few years at Microsoft, she decided it was time to pair her technical interests with her creative side. So, after a little training to hone her graphic design skills, she switched job titles and has been happily designing for Windows ever since!

Steve Scallen manages Microsoft’s user research for Windows, Windows Live, and Internet Explorer. With a master’s degree in Sport Psychology and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology (specializing in Human Factors Research), Steve has conducted applied research for clients on automated flight systems, air-traffic control displays, vehicle navigation/display systems, and tunnel and road design. Since joining Microsoft, Steve has worked on user experiences, applications, and web sites in the areas of server management and setup, help and support, and Windows. Despite his commitment to UX excellence, Steve continues to purchase ‘only on TV’ and infomercial products and has amassed quite a dizzying collection of gadgets, kitchen aids, and all-in-one tools.

Eva Snee is a User Experience Researcher at Microsoft helping develop the next version of Windows. Eva graduated from HCDE’s master’s program in 2007, and took advantage of its interdisciplinary approach by studying user-centered design and research, industrial engineering, information design and architecture, and cognitive psychology. Before coming to Microsoft, Eva worked at a smaller software company where she introduced and evangelized UCD methods into their product cycle, developed their first usability research efforts, and managed a team of designers. She continues to stay involved with the HCDE community by mentoring students, leading on-campus portfolio workshops, and working with other HCDE alum at Microsoft to improve recruitment and outreach.

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