Hunting Unicorns–What Makes an Effective UX Professional? with Patrick Neeman

  • 21 Apr 2016
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Disney Parks & Resorts Digital, 925 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

Being an effective UX Professional isn't just about being a "unicorn that can write code, create visual mockups and build wireframes." Great UX professionals create effective products by using the hard and soft skills honed after years of experience. These skills vary from organization to organization and even project to project, and need to be tailored to the context of the situation.

This session will cover the skills needed to be an effective UX designer in almost any organization. Topics discussed:

  • How the hard skill spectrum may differ by the type of organization/project
  • What a T skill set is & why it’s important to hiring managers
  • Strategies to market your own skills more effectively

Free and open to the public with pre-registration on meetup

Patrick Neeman lives in Seattle, Washington and is currently the Director of Product Design at Apptio, an IT Spend Management platform for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that he was Director of User Experience at Jobvite, a social recruiting and applicant tracking platform where his team performed over 100 user interviews and recruiter visits to understand the hiring process. After a complete redesign of the application, Jobvite received a Webby award for employment, and the Deloitte What Works award. Previous companies he’s has worked with include Microsoft, MySpace, Orbitz, NewsCorp, Paramount, Comcast, Disney, Amgen, and eBay. Patrick is best known for UX Drinking Game ( His blog, Usability Counts (, has an extensive UX Career Guide and is a valuable resource for any designer.

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